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Annual Train Show

We once again sponsored a celebration of National Model Railroading Month with a Train Show and Swap Meet in conjunction with our monthly open house at Wade's Train Town on November 11, 2017. Although attendance was sparse, those who attended were able to snap up some 'goodies' from the tables. 

Previous Train Shows

We sponsored our First Annual Train Show on October 30, 2010 at Hickory Grove Methodist Church, in Charlotte, NC. A report on this show is posted here.

Our first annual National Model Railroad Month Swap Meet and Brookford Train Town Open House was held at Brookford Community Center on November 10, 2012. We also had an N Scale modular layout provided by the Central Carolina N Scalers at the show. Swap Meet tables were manned by CSD members and there were no dealer tables and attendance was excellent.

Here is the report of our 2013 event.

Our 2014 event was well attended with a fair amount of 'swapping' going on.

The meets in the last few years were less well attended, but we are hoping to improve upon that in the coming years.


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