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    Rail Operations Weekend  

2015 Rail Ops Weekend Planning Has Begun!!

We will be hosting our popular "Rail Ops Weekend" October 9-11, 2015, in Charlotte and the surrounding area.  The event will kick off on Friday and will run Saturday and Sunday, featuring opportunities to run trains on several local model railroads. 

The owners of the layouts to be featured consider prototype operations to be some of the most fun and challenging of activities in the model railroad hobby.  Participants will have the chance to operate trains following the practices of real railroads.  There will be opportunities for dispatchers, yardmasters, and train crews to coordinate and move the traffic across these railroads.

"Rail Ops Weekend" is for anyone who has an interest in realistic operations.  Beginners to experienced veterans of operations are welcome to attend. 

 We are currently putting together a schedule for the event.  If you have a layout that is open for operations, we would love to have you on our schedule.  Please contact Marcus Neubacher if you are willing to open your railroad to guests.

 More details will be posted here as the schedule develops and event registration opens later this summer.

So what is a Rail Ops Weekend all about?

Rail Ops Weekend is sponsored by the Carolina Southern Division and usually occurs in odd-numbered years. The event is focused on operating model railroads so that trains do more than just run around loops on a layout. During Rail Ops sessions, participants assume the roles of various persons involved in running prototype railroads (locomotive engineers, conductors, dispatchers, yardmasters, etc.) and together operate the layout as if it were a hard-working railroad.

When and where does Rail Ops Weekend take place?

During the year, layout owners around the area hold operating sessions involving mostly local folks who form a core 'crew'. However, once a year, many of them open up their pikes to participants from all over the country for a series of operating sessions all on the same weekend. The 2012 session, called NC Rail Run 2012, was the weekend of October 5-7,2012. Layouts in the Greater Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh areas were featured.

To get a taste of what a Rail Ops Weekend is about you can read our reports on this website:
   --  This page is a report on the 2009 Rail Ops Weekend.
  --  The NC Rail Run 2011 is documented here.

How can I get in on the fun?

Information about and registration for Rail Ops Weekend will appear in this space.

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